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2012 APEQ Award Recipients

PHE Canada Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award
Krista Smeltzer

At the January 2010 PHE Canada Board of Directors meeting, a motion was passed to rename the PHE Canada Young Professional Award the Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award.

Dr Andy Anderson was an incredible leader and had an enormous impact on the field of health and physical education. Throughout his career, he nurtured many leaders who continue to serve as champions and carry on his legacy in our profession today.

The 2012 recipient of this award is Krista Smeltzer. Krista teaches Physical Education at Champlain College and has served as the APEQ President for the past four years. Krista’s unwavering belief in the value of quality physical education, and her commitment to developing our field is firmly demonstrated in her years of service. Krista has been a strong advocate and representative for Physical Education within Quebec at the national level through participation in the Council of Provinces and Territories (bi-annual meetings between Presidents of provincial associations from across Canada). Within APEQ, Krista has spent many hours internally structuring the organization and it’s projects. She established strong networks of communication between PHE Canada and the English School Boards in Quebec. Krista’s ongoing leadership and service has helped unite and field of physical education in Quebec and maintain APEQ’s presence as a professional organization.

Teacher Excellence Award (Elementary)
Jean-Francois Aube - Franklin Elementary

Jean-Francois was nominated by his principal, Dena Chronopoulos. He has been teaching for 13 years, most recently at Franklin Hill Elementary. He actively participates and organizes such as Cross Country Running, Dance and Gymnastics, Soccer, Track and Field, Basketball, and Cross Country Skiing.

One of his big accomplishments was training students at Franklin Hill Elementary to take part in the community 60 Minute Relay Race that took place at the end of September. The students did a great job at the race, thanks to their coach. This year, Jean Francois has gotten involved in a School Yard Committee that is aiming to create a new school yard for Franklin Hill worth over $270,000.

Teaching Excellence Award (GEGEP)
Ginette Bourque - Champlain College St. Lambert

Ginette is a teacher at Champlain College St. Lambert and was nominated by her colleagues. "Ginette teaches several classes including Weight Training, Yoga, Running, Total Body Conditioning, Group Fitness,Group Power, Fit for Life, and Nutrition and Health Management. Through Ginette's classes, she spends extra time to ensure that students are able to relate to the physical activity theory. Her classes are highly active and students always leave soaked with sweat and a smile. She helps students reach physical activity goals that they though impossible, whether it be in yoga or in running a 5km race.

Ginette, along with a few other teachers, has also volunteered to instruct activities for staff at lunch, with the proceeds going to local charities. She has played an integral role in the creation of the student manual for learning and teacher resources. She is truly a teacher who is willing to share her knowledge with others for the betterment of the program."

As a co-worker, Ginette is an excellent role model for someone who works hard and inspires the others around her to work equally as hard. She is truly a dedicated and passionate physical education teacher.

Teaching Recongnition Award (Elementary)
Heidi Lenet - Kuper Academy

Heidi is a teacher at Kuper Academy and was nominated by her colleagues. Heidi is an exceptional teacher who is dedicated to motivating her students to be physically active in and out of school. Through her balanced program that exposes her students to a variety of individual and team sports, cooperative games as well as lifelong activities and non-traditional sports, she provides her students with a positive experience in physical education and the opportunity for them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to participate in physical activities that are enjoyable for a lifetime! She is committed to conveying the importance of health through her focus on fitness along with the healthy snack initiative she implemented at the school a few years ago.

"In addition to her physical education program, she started the school’s Houses program whereby the students compete once a week in a variety of sports in a friendly and supportive environment that focuses on sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.

Heidi provides opportunities possible for her students to be engaged in sports and physical activities in and outside of class time. To do so, she has organized many different morning, lunch, afterschool activities such as soccer, zumba, yoga, basketball and many more. Furthermore, she created and developed the interscholastic athletics teams at the school. Students have the chance to play competitively in soccer, hockey, basketball and running. No matter the skill level of the students, several different levels are offered to encourage maximum participation. Heidi has promoted a huge culture of sport participation at the school with almost all students participating in at least one or more extracurricular activity. To implement these school-based programs, Heidi has also inspired the faculty to support and lead many of these programs.

Physical and Health Education Canada Health Education Teaching Excellence Award

About the Award:
The Health Teaching Excellence Award honours exceptional teachers (one from each province) for their excellence in teaching health and their ability to motivate children and youth to participate in health behaviors. This award is the only national award in Canada that recognizes teachers for their hard work and dedication in helping to build strong, healthy and physically active children

Last year's winner from Quebec was
Meaghan Macro who teaches elementary Physical Education and Health with the Lester B. Pearson School Board. Meaghan was also selected as one of the top 3 health educators in Canada and was officially presented her award in May at the 2012 PHE Canada National Conference in Halifax.