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2010 APEQ Award Recipients

PE Innovation Award
Maxime Mallette

This year’s innovative physical education program award will be received by Maxime Mallette, the physical education teacher at Nesbitt School. His program was nominated by the principal of the school. Max has been a part of the Nesbitt teaching staff for the past 5 years and shown great initiative in developing a sound physical education program. Max has initiated several programs at his school, including sport carnivals, circus skills, splash days, Olympic days, and many lunch time intramurals. His gym is a very active and happy place! Outside of teaching in his own gym, Max has been responsible for the creation of several innovate LES that are used by many teachers within the English Montreal School Board. In addition to being a leader in creating an innovative physical education program, Max has also shared his knowledge and inspiration to members at APEQ conferences in the past. Max is truly a great teacher who lead by example.

Teacher Recognition Award (Elementary)
Sherry McCorkell

Sherry McCorkell teaches at Eardley Elementary in Gatineau and was nominated by her principal and physical education consultant.. Sherry is a motivated and spirited teacher who gives 100% in the classroom. Sherry’s program focuses on the education pursuits of learning, problem solving and incorporating students into aspects of the class. Within her program, Sherry has integrated health and nutrition into each of her lessons. Beyond teaching, Sherry organizes and runs intramural sports and activities within the school. Sherry is a caring individual that spends a lot of extra time working with special needs students, going above and beyond what is necessary. In addition to her teaching obligations, Sherry also takes the time to share her expertise by offering workshops and developing curriculum within the Western Quebec School Board and presenting at last year’s APEQ conference and this year’s PHE Canada National conference in Toronto. She is an extremely well-rounded and energetic individual who is integral to the educational community in Eardley and Quebec.

Teaching Excellence Award (Elementary)
Norman Katz

Norman Katz teaches at Royal Vale School in Montreal and was nominated by his Vice-Principal. Norman has been a part of the teaching staff at Royal Vale for the past ten years and is one of the most dedicated teachers around. He genuinely cares about his students and takes every opportunity to instill in each of them a love for physical activity and healthy behaviors. His program incorporates sportpersonship, fair play, morality, and fun in every lesson. Norman also places a lot of importance on having parents involved in all aspects of his physical education program. Over the past few years, Norman was featured in the Gazette for the Walk-to-School day he organized at his school. In addition to all that he does at Royal Vale, Norman also takes the time to offer his expertise at conferences, with presentations at past APEQ conferences and more recently at the PHE Canada National conference in Toronto. He is truly a remarkable role model for all physical education teachers.

Teaching Excellence Award (Secondary)
Guy Gallibois