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2010 APEQ Award Recipients

Teaching Excellence Award (Elementary)
Paula ‘Peg’ Giddings-Philip

Peg Giddings-Philip teaches at Everest Elementary School in Quebec and was nominated by her principal and a former student-turned principal. Peg has been teaching over 27 years and has taught physical education and kindergarten. Peg uses many different initiatives to improve and add to her teaching each year. She embraced the ‘Healthy Schools Approach’ and introduced a ‘five-star lunch’ program and cooking to encourage students to eat better. Peg has also worked to implement the Multiple Intelligences approach in her PE class, attending multiple conferences, workshops, and brain-storming session with colleagues. She recently received a Professional Development Innovative Grant to meet with PE colleagues to discuss learning alignment in elementary PE. Within her class, Peg is an advocate of portfolios to help chart student progress and involving the parents. She also involved her students in the Me-to-We projects based on Mark and Craig Kielburger’s philosophy. School-wide, Peg initiated a ‘Walk around the Earth’ activity where the whole school population walks around the baseball field for 20 minutes before classes begin and receive a popsicle stick for every 1/2km they walked. Over 9 months, students at the school walked the 40, 075km around the globe! Finally, Peg extends her enthusiasm and passion for physical activity to students and staff in the school through Jump Rope for Heart, the Terry Fox Run, and Defi Moi J’y Croque. Peg is an exceptional example of the teacher we all strive to be and has left a lasting impression on staff and students.

Teaching Excellence Award (Secondary)
William Cho

William teaches at Marymount Academy and was nominated by his principal and co-worker. Will has been teaching at Marymount since 2004 and during his time there has introduced multiple initiatives including the Marymount Athletics Banquet, the Archery Club, the Cricket Club, and the Senior Weightlifting Club. In addition, Will has worked to develop the intramural program including lunch sports and free gym play prior to the start of each school day. Currently, Will is working on lobbying for a 50% increase for instruction time at Marymount and establishing a mentorship program where graduated athletes come back and coach teams. Will is a dedicated teacher and mentor to his students, student-athletes, and co-workers and an inspiration at Marymount.

PE Innovation Award
Molo Finelli

Molo Finelli teaches at Merton School and was nominated by his principal. Molo has taught within the EMSB for more than 20 years and has been at Merton since 2003. Anyone who has walked into Molo’s gym knows that it is a magical place, where all students experience success on a daily basis. Using the QEP, Molo’s program is centered on circus skills. Every student learns to juggle, ride a unicycle, walk on a circus ball, perform aerial acrobatics, and much more. When entering Molo’s gym, every student is continually challenging themselves and striving to improve. Not surprisingly, many of the students who do not usually like physical activity, excel in this program. Finally, Molo uses his program to extend his knowledge to fellow teachers on pedagogical days and to student teachers during field experience on a yearly basis. Speak to any of his former student teachers and they will undoubtedly tell you about their most memorable learning experience and mentor!

Teacher Recognition Award (Elementary)
Kelly Norman

Kelly Norman teaches at Springdale Elementary and was nominated by her co-worker. Kelly uses the QEP to help design her program using such activities such as yoga and developing grade 6 mentors to help run field days and physical education with younger classes. Her program involves both indoor and outdoor activities and has students fill out activities in a monthly calendar. Additionally, Kelly focuses part of her program on health related issues such as proper eating, hygiene, and mental health. A special part of Kelly’s program is the development of a girl’s club for grade 6 students, where Kelly gets together with the girls to talk about the issues of growing up. She also organizes the Terry Fox run, winter carnival, and a varied intramural program. She is truly a dedicated teacher who is committed to giving students an exemplary physical education experience.